Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions

Balance expires two years from the date the last payment has been added. If your balance is above $5, you may contact me to have your account duration lengthened.

Toll free:
USA toll free 1-800, 1-866, 1-888 are free for you to call.
UK toll free are free for you to call, but connection is not assured.
Israel toll free 1-800 is a free call.

Billing increments:
All calls will be billing in 6 second increments, from when the call picks up. A few calls may have a 30 second minimum billing period.
You may have an announcement played before calls that tells you how much the call will cost. If you hang up immediately, the call will not be connected. The announcement is only accurate to 1/10th of a cent e.g. – 12.6 cents might really be 12.63 cents per minute.

Billing time
Accounts, unless otherwise noted, are pre-paid. That means if your account balance is $1 you can make a call upto the value of $1 before the system will disconnect your call.
If you have services to renew, you will be billed several days in advance to ensure adequate time in case the charge fails.

You may use 011, 00, or + to signify international dialing. For the calling card, dial your number and then press pound. If you don’t press pound, the system will wait for up to 15 seconds.
USA may be dialed without the 1.
UK numbers can be dialed “locally” with just the 0 prefix.
Israel numbers can be dialed “locally” with an 0X prefix. 7 digit dialing currently dials Jerusalem.

If you are unsatisfied with the quality of your call, you may ask for a refund within seven (7) days.
If you paid via Credit Card a refund will be issued to your card.

If you start a call, by staying on the line, you are signifying that the call quality is acceptable to you. Please don’t ask for a refund for an hour long call because the quality was unacceptable to you.
If you used more than $1 of credit, the used credit will not be refunded.

If you pay by credit card, check echeck, or ACH, you are responsible for any rejection, return, charge-back, or insufficient fees that may come up. The charge-back fee on a credit card is at least $15.

The unlimited plans not marked in writing as “business” are not to be used for 1) sales calling 2) large volume business needs 3) reselling or 4) split among many callers. If your usage exceeds fair usage of about 3000 minutes per cycle, your outgoing calling may be disabled until an inquiry and alternative arrangement can be made.

If your account information, soft phone, or phone has been stolen, you must notify us IMMIDIATELY as we cannot be help responsible for calls made on your account.

Your privacy is very important to us. Call records are kept for billing and quality assurance purposes. Some calls may be recorded for quality assurance purposes to check that the call quality meets standards, or that the voice-menus work. These recordings are kept private, will not be transcribed, and will not be archived for long term storage.

While I strive for 100% uptime, the many involved parts and continually added features may occasionally lead to a service interruption. You agree that I am not responsible in any way for claims of any losses directly or indirectly associated with a service interruption.
If you pay for a monthly service, and you have reported via phone or email that your service is not working, and you talked to a live person or got an email response, then if the service is down for more than 48 hours you will be entitled to a pro-rated refund credited to your account balance upon submitting a request. Please, let me deal with making the service as convenient, reliable, and well priced as possible rather than doing billing and paperwork.