Israel origination and termination

These services are provided via 012, a CLEC in Israel with excellent quality.


(Existing 02/03/04/08 numbers or 07X ranges can be ported for free.)

  • 2 channel DIDs in 02, 03, 04, 08, 072 for $3/month. (Bulk discounts available.)
  • 30 channel DIDs for $39/month.
    • Need more? Stack 30-channel packages OR add 0.5c per minute for overage.
  • You can get media proxied via London, UK or directly from Israel.

Termination 6/6

  • 1.0c to fixed, no CID.
  • 2.5c premium to fixed and all Israel local numbers e.g. 1-700, *1234, with Israeli CID.
  • 0.5c to Israel 800, with Israeli CID.
  • 4.0c to mobile, with any CID.


  • Minimum pre-payment wholesale pricing: $50.