How To Keep Your Phone Number When Moving Abroad

If you move abroad from USA, Canada, Israel, or the UK you can keep your phone number. This works whether you have internet or not, although it will be cheaper if you have internet.

If you are making Aliyah, you probably have a US phone number that you wish to keep.
Before my parents made Aliyah in April 2010, I looked into many options. At the time I was shocked at the price – 4.5c/minute and up, or a commitment of $35/month!

With BestFone, you can keep your old USA or Israel number for just $2.97/month… or get a new UK number for free.

If you have internet, once you get a VoIP box, incoming calls are free.
Otherwise, you can have calls forwarded to your local phone for 1.5c to USA, Canada, UK, Israel, and more.

Please contact me to get set up!

*“Porting” your number from the local telephone company to BestFone is generally available in the USA and Israel. It will involved some paperwork and may require a $25 fee and several weeks for the phone companies to process.