BestFone - For Your Phone Needs

At BestFone we provide quality service with no shtick.
There's no contract, no hidden monthly fees, no set up fees, no connection fees, and no funny fine print.
We're sure you'll be happy: that's why there's a no-hassle money-back guarantee.

BestFone can help you whether you are in the USA, Canada, UK, Israel, or Switzerland.
  • Residential, if you have internet:
    • Just $19.97 for unlimited calling to USA and Canada with an incoming number.
    • Just $19.97 for unlimited calling to UK Landlines with an incoming number.
    • ... or pay as you go: Most locations at the great price of just $0.015 per minute!
    • Also available are incoming numbers worldwide between $2.97/month and $5.97/month.
  • Residential, if you do NOT have internet:
    • Get a number worldwide that rings to your regular phone for between $2.97/month and $5.97/month for the number. (UK numbers are free!)
    • Then, forward the calls for just $0.015 per minute to many locations!
    • If you are in Israel, you can get dsl that has the internet turned off for under $10/month.
  • Calling card access: Access numbers in USA, UK, Israel, and Switzerland.
    • Just 1.5 cents to most location! Great prices to mobiles!
    • $8/month for unlimited calls out to USA and Canada
    • $8/month for unlimited calls out to UK house phones (not mobiles).
  • Wholesale
For more information, please be in touch!